PayPal Fee Calculator

Instant paypal currency conversion checker

Includes a paypal conversion fee of 35.48 INR (2.5%)

How to use paypal fee calculator?

To use this you need to enter the amount first and then select the country from which you want to convert and then select the recieving country and then finally you will get the output.

Why you must use this PayPal Currency Converter?

PayPal currency conversion fee calculator can give you huge relief from the unnecessary headache of how much amount the recipient will get after the successful completion of the transaction. Because in every successful transaction PayPal charges some amount of money from the user so if you want to know how much amount can PayPal charge for the amount you want to send. You can always use these powerful tools to check the hidden charges.

Does PayPal convert the currency automatically?

Yes, PayPal can convert the currency automatically depending on the user. If you are from the US it will convert to USD and if you are from India it will convert to INR likewise it will work for all the countries.

How much PayPal charge per transaction?

Fee that is charged by PayPal is 2.7 % of the amount when you accept the payment from the person who does the transactions from the debit or credit card. Another fee that is charged by PayPal is 1 percent for all kind of international transactions and 2.5 percent for transactions which includes the currency conversions. You can use our paypal currency conversion fee calculator.

Paypal fees conversion

How to use paypal for international payments?

To use Paypal for international payments you need to login to the website and then use a visa card for the transaction. It's very quick for the international transaction which takes only 30 minutes to complete an international transaction. The minimum amount for international transactions is 1$.

How to find paypal currency conversion rate today?

To find currency conversion rate for paypal all you need to do is just enter the amount in the above text box and select the currency. Now you will be able to see the todays paypal conversion rate on your screen.

Why to use this paypal fee calculator?

Use a PayPal fee calculator to figure out the true cost of a transaction so that you can accurately calculate the amount of your expenditures and thereby avoid incurring unnecessary charges yourself. It's the easiest way to get a grasp of the fees that are charged by PayPal to make online purchases. You can use this same calculator for international transactions as well as for sales to other countries. The only difference is that the unit price for each transaction may differ slightly from the original fee you are assigned.