PayPal accepted sites in india you must know.

PayPal accepted sites in India

Paypal accepted sites in India: There are a lot of websites that support and accept payment through PayPal. Mostly we can see the eCommerce sites that use all the payment methods as well as PayPal as one of them. If eCommerce is ahead that doesn't keep the traveling booking industry behind.

There is almost all the ticket booking app or websites accept online payment through PayPal. So I request you to read the article till the end to get proper knowledge about all the sites that accept online payment through PayPal.

There are a lot of Online payment methods in India. But PayPal still got a huge user base in India because of its security and reliability. Most importantly PayPal user gets a lot of advances benefits because they can send or receive money from or to abroad.

So, Let's discuss the Paypal accepted sites in India. Few of the most popular sites which accept online payment through PayPal are

  1. BookMyShow: If you are living in a city then I will consider that you know about this app. Because anything you do at the weekend like going for a movie or some other event. BookMyShow is at the top of all the events and movie ticket booking apps in India. BookMyShow initially uses to book only movie tickets but gradually they have added other options like events ticket booking, holiday trip booking, amusement park ticket booking, and many others.
  2. MakeMyTrip:If you are an Indian and traveled through the train. Then I'm 100% sure that you know or have heard about this before. MakeMyTrip is one of the oldest online train ticket booking websites. With the passing days, MakeMyTrip has changed a lot and added a lot of other features. They have added new features like flight, hotel, bus, cab, holiday booking features on the MakeMyTrip website.
  3. FirstCry:The first cry is an eCommerce company that deals with baby products. The first cry is one of its kind which has showrooms as well as online stores. If you don't find anything you want in the showroom you check their website and place an order online. When you place an order online you will get PayPal as one of the payment methods on their website.
  4. PVR cinemas: Pvr Cinemas are one of the leading companies in Indian cinemas. They sell their tickets through their own app and other apps. In their own app, they accept payments through PayPal. So if you have a PayPal account you can easily book movie tickets from anywhere.
  5. is a bus ticket booking website that operates in India. They accept payments from most of the online payment methods including PayPal.
  6. Voonik:Voonik is also an eCommerce site that uses PayPal as payment methods. Voonik has a lot of showrooms all over India in all the metro cities. If you do shopping through the Voonik website you must see the option during check out time.
  7. Yatra:Yaatra is one of the leading companies in the travel industry. Lately, Yatra has gained a huge user base in India and now a widely known website. mainly deals with online travel tickets booking in India.
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  9. Chai Point:Chai Point is a famous tea and coffee selling company in India. There is a lot of outlet in most of the shopping mall or airport in India. CHai Point accepts online payment through PayPal in India.
  10. BharatMatrimony:BharatMatrimony is the leading matrimonial site in India. If you use their service then you need to pay some amount to them. So to do the pay you can use the online payment method like PayPal.
  11. Dineout: Dineout is one of the most popular restaurants in India. If you want to eat in that restaurant you can book the table online. Yes, You can use the online booking system of their own and pay the payment through PayPal.